Please watch and enjoy.

Please watch and enjoy. Then be inspired.


Remember how last year I wanted to run a 5K but lost track of time and whatever and didn't get it done? Well, I've started the Couch to 5K running program and have picked the target for my first race. So many people in my family and so many of my friends have been touched by cancer that I thought I'd not just run a race, but try to raise some money too. So much work needs to be done to beat cancer and as long as our Government is as misguided as it is, The ACS and other organizations certainly need all the help we can give them. I've e-mailed and, if you don't get e-mails from me, here's a link to my donations page. I've set kind of a lofty goal, but I'd certainly like to raise more than that if possible.


Haven't been blogging - been getting out of my comfort zone. I should be working on Forms but I'm not and I don't even feel bad. I've been working with a trainer two days a week and am currently rocking a four day streak of cardio workouts. I've done two-thirds of Week One of the Couch to 5K program with my eye on running the Race for the Cure in Madison in May. I feel good. I still wish I was 80 pounds lighter, but I feel good.

Peace be with you.

Yes, yes...

My perspective on training right now is that TKD is my favorite physical activity. The need for more physical activity means I need to do more of my favorite things. TKD. The trainer even said I could bring in some focus pads. I doubt he'll mind escrima sticks either. I have to do what I like doing, right? I agree.

C'est La Vie!

Life! That wonderful thing that kind of gets in the way of what really matters. Right now I don't know for 100% sure that I'll get a black belt in TKD, well ever, but I know that I am in control of my training. To that end, I met with a personal trainer (FREE!) today and made a commitment to invest in myself, my health and my martial art. He showed me crunches, I showed him stances and kicks. I expect it to go swimmingly.

Unfortunately the Gods of Army are not looking favorably on my black belt journey. We may move away from my school before I can attain black belt. It will be unfortunate, but the belt is merely a symbol of the mindset. I can achieve martial arts success and fitness on my own with or without a test to prove it. Wish me luck!

Classic Blunders

Alas! I have committed one of the classic training blunders of late. Rather than recognize that exercise reduces stress and being stressed out means I should focus more on exercise, I have focused more on stress and not on my training. It shows. Consider this an apology to myself.


I already missed a day. Missed training too. I don't think it missed me though. I'll visit it tomorrow. I have an intense urge to hit something!