C'est La Vie!

Life! That wonderful thing that kind of gets in the way of what really matters. Right now I don't know for 100% sure that I'll get a black belt in TKD, well ever, but I know that I am in control of my training. To that end, I met with a personal trainer (FREE!) today and made a commitment to invest in myself, my health and my martial art. He showed me crunches, I showed him stances and kicks. I expect it to go swimmingly.

Unfortunately the Gods of Army are not looking favorably on my black belt journey. We may move away from my school before I can attain black belt. It will be unfortunate, but the belt is merely a symbol of the mindset. I can achieve martial arts success and fitness on my own with or without a test to prove it. Wish me luck!


somaserious said...

That is sad thay you may have to move away from your dojo, but you are absolutely right about the belt being just a visual. Your mindset is 90% of the battle to get to black, and if obstacles are thrown your way use them to your advantage. The fact that you are so invested in you martial art will make all the difference. Plus you've already had training so any other dojo you join may just fast-track you to where you need to be. Good luck!