So I went to the gym yesterday and hopped on the elliptical trainer. I really love the elliptical. I feel like I'm working my whole body and I know that my whole body needs work! After a few minutes, I put on my iPod and listened to some tunes. Then, I thought I'd give this whole visualization thing a try. So I closed my eyes. It felt a little weird plugging away on the elliptical with my eyes closed but then the vision came. There I was in a gi. I had on a white tope and black pants - a privilege reserved for senior students only (the way training used to be). I was kneeling - exhausted - in front of my instructors but facing away from them. Dripping with sweat, breathing heavily, anxious but satisfied; I awaited my results. They were in. Paul told me to stand up and face the panel - the board of instructors scoring the test. Nervous, I summoned the strength and will to stand and face them. Mr. Sharp and Mr. Gordon smiled and handed me my black belt. It felt amazing. That feeling burns in me today. I like it. I am focusing on that and letting it push me onward. I wish I could go to the gym again today. I will go tomorrow. Those 45 minutes on the elliptical yesterday were awesome.